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swingers storiesIf your looking to access the very best in Swingers stories either real life or fantasies then you won't find a more hornier bunch than our group of swingers

We all love to read a good story and more so if the theme of that story is something you have an interest in or enjoy and lets be honest here we all LOVE sex .....otherwise why are you here ;o)

Reading others stories offers a great insight into someone and almost a little peep into whats going on within someone's head......that maybe scary but more so least with our stories very erotic

My own preference when reading members stories is the real life swingers meets, where members tell about what happened when they meet up and offers a blow by blow account of how the meet went and in some cases posting photos along as well

personals Reading Swingers Blogs the VERY best way to find out about a member

As a member you'll have access to all of our members stories that are posted within free swingers blogs that all members have, along with any media ( photos / videos) posted within it, also if the member has left the posting open you can post comments relating to the story

These stories ( blog postings) can all be found within the main blog section and you can either read them by popularity, theme or member sex...but whats even better is you can access the members personals advert directly so if you've just read a story and like what you've read you can then directly send the member a message to meet up ;o)

Below are just a few recently viewed swingers free blogs / stories and for more ...lots more join us now as all members have a free blog to post stories ...enjoy

I know this page is about members stories, but you can never have too much of viewing photos ;o)

  • Story 1 ( Bifem female looking to meet females ) Last night was a real shocker and I just didn't expect the evening to work out that way. An old girlfriend came round that I hadn't meet up with for years and we sat back having a giggle about what we've been up to and in her case "who" she'd been fucking .... She was always the girl everyone wanted to be friends with at school as she was very confident and extremely pretty so the boys were always hanging off her every move, but we became really close friends..That was 15 years ago and now I was married, she was divorced and we were both knocking back the wine like a couple of old pros...The subject of sex soon came up and she told me that it the reason her marriage failed was due to a affaire, but not with another guy but a women. I did do my best to not have a shocked look on my face as I didn't have the hart to tell her I was now bisexual as she was giving me details about when (more)
  • Story 2 ( couple for other couples ) it was just what the doctor ordered a relaxing week just doing nothing but chilling by our private pool and something we both needed after a stressful few months. It was a beautiful villa right on the coast but walking distance into town but the only thing we had in mind was laying back and soaking the local swingersSpanish sun up and enjoy the romance of the situation. One night your swimming in the pool and I come over and sit on down dangling my legs in the pool and you swim over to me and opening my legs you look up and kiss me as tongues en twinned. I pull you in closer to me and we kiss hard but you pull back as your hand drifts towards my soaking pussy and laying back I open my legs wider and you move your head between my thighs and I was just about to drift into heaven enjoying the attention you were just about to give my pussy when looking over saw a man standing in the garden, tapping my husband on the head I said to him "ummmm we have someone watching lol" with that (more)
  • Story 3 ( mature women sex younger guys ) I joined the site for one reason to fuck younger guys as this women has got a lot of making up for after years of boring NO sex life. I wasn't sure at first about the title of being a MILF but soon grow to love it and yes it summed me up well. I'd had a few meets with younger guys, some new just how to please others it was like back to school "no not that hole lol" but it was Ian I was most impressed with and gave him my mobile number and one night got an unexpected quickie message.... As read his message I have one of those grins due to him wanting to come round NOW ...bloody hell I'm not even showered yet so a quick shower as I sort my hair and make-up then an hour later he's at the door . Theres no need for words, we've been there and we both know its fuck buddies we want not discussion friends, we began to kiss almost the second the door was closed and his hands move under my shirt and started teasing as this fingertips touch my skin. I'm squeezing his bum and pulling him tightly towards me and I can feel his bulge through his tight jeans and know it wants to be set free. His hand slips into my knickers and finds my neatly trimmed pussy and (more)

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