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Current Dogging Sites Arranging Outdoor Sex Meets


doggingAs a nation we brits LOVE dogging and even thought we probably have some of the worst dogging weather conditions in Europe theres more UK Dogging done here than any other county in Europe

Its a fact .......we brits LOVE to fuck and have sex outdoors, whether thats with strangers or with our partners allowing others to watch on

Whilst we all know the risks involved with having sex at dogging locations does that stop us ? NOPE, in fact for some "risk takers" it makes them even more determined to meet in very public outdoor sex locations fucking right under the noses of others.....but for this dogger I prefer to keep my outdoor sex activities a bit more private

local swingersThe real question and the one that seems to be a problem for most is "where do I find current dogging locations"

Its really quite amusing when your reading facebook groups or message boards where couples & singles are asking for the best dogging location in xyz county and often getting no response because often the couples that use these dogging sites don't want to post in a public forum as they know the outcome

The outcome being either the police will be alerted so start to patrol, the local council will start looking the park / car park or you'll suddenly get a load of idiots turning up wanting to spoil the fun for everyone.......but when your in a members only website that doesn't happen

Finding UK current dogging sites is really a lot easier then you'd think using some of the features we offer all our member whether free or paid and details of those features can be found on the right ...

Free access to UK dogging contacts ...

Below is direct access into all the members we have by county from there you can access profile posted by couples & singles that are looking for UK dogging meets. From here you can get some idea of just whats on offer and then hopefully join us and start having some outdoor dogging sex


As they say its not "what you know" but "who you know" and we know lots of people that know all the right dogging locations ..

When finding UK dogging sites its not just a case of heading to some dark location or car park and hoping to bump into someone you really do need to know just where to look

Whilst most will go online and search for Dogging in XYZ and start reading checking out the locations often these are outdated or old locations that are either patrolled by police or have just stopped being used.

A far better way is to directly ask the couples themselves that are currently out and about using these sites, and thats where our members come into play

Accessing these contacts is easy and you can either

  • Search profiles by dogging keyword & your location
  • Read members forum postings detailing where and when they will be
  • Chat to members via the chatrooms / webcams
  • Place a posting within your own forums asking for current locations
  • Send messages directly to couples asking where they use
  • Pre arrange a meet with a couple

All of the above will offer current information on the best locations close to you .....and maybe arrange a meet


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